Saturday, August 13, 2011

highlights of summer...

i haven't been blogging. the time i would have spent on here has really been doing the things to keep the house up and then i've chosen to use friday as a 'i get to read in the sunshine' if i get everything i need to done that week:) but, i can't not blog about all the amazing things we got the chance to do this summer! here are my top TEN!

ready, set, BLOG!;)

fave memory of summer is from summer camp 2011. the theme was WAKE UP. thank the good Lord the holy spirit was at work! it was powerful to watch. my favorite part was when luke preached the gospel and lit a canvas on fire [which the students had confessed sin on] and illustrated for them the fact that when Jesus forgives us 'our sin as far as the east is from the west.' Then students shared the ways that they WOKE UP that week. i had weepy eyes because it was so so amazing. God is good!

2nd fave memory was when Carter earned his final prize for being in the reading program at the library. We both love to read and so it is important to us that our kids do too. Carter loved getting new books every week and he was read to for 10 hours!!!! He chose his book and it was definitely one of those 'proud mom moments' because he was SOOOO excited. yay carter!

3rd fave memory was family walks. these didn't happen too often but we've had two in the last week and it's crazy how refreshing, relaxing, and rejuvinating it talk and be together.:)

4th fave memory is my thursday night small group with my now forever graduated high school girls. i had tears when wishing them well and praying over them the last night. they are so so dear to me. this was a highlight for luke and i as he would pester them once he got home from a different ministry thing he had that night... they all loved it. you know when you plan something and you hope it's not a drain on you emotionally and physically and for your family.... well i knew it would be quite a commitment to do this weekly but these girls poured into my soul. it was a major plus and not a drain at all! praise God... none of us are the same as when we met one another 3 years ago!

5th fave memory is date night. we tried different things.. we went on walks we did date nights at home we went to different restaurants, we went to movies, we went with friends and by ourselves. but we did it. it's no small task to get a babysitter, dressed nice, and out and about with money in your pocket do something fun. we committed that this would be a thing that would be part of our marriage and i'm thankful for it.

6th fave memory was our anniversary... the four year mark of marriage:) i reflected on it here but never told what we did... we had our adventures kid-free downtown and we walked so much of the city... we ate lunch at the grand lux, we had a snack at sprinkles, we went to the taste, we walked all the way from the taste to navy pier to rush street, we ate at tavern on rush and then got dessert at ghiradelli's. we woke up the next morning and got chick-fil-a and spent a few hours at oak street beach and then had lunch at chipotle. SO MUCH FUN. will never forgot it. although the new picture at the top of the blog is ginormous i love it because it reminds me of this phenomenal day!:)

7th fave memory was my family vacation up in green lake, wi. the weather was pretty terrible but we tried and succeeded in making the best out of it! we laughed, we ate, we watched our kids play together. it was much needed time with those i love.:)

8th fave memory was wednesday morning walks with my friend. we usually unless the temperatures were out of control walked at twin lakes and then we would usually get a coffee and breakfast that cancelled out the calories we burned but the part i loved was the convos that reflect iron sharpening iron. she rocks:)

9th fave memory was getting together with our small group each month. we had then here once and it's always good to catch up on what everyone's lives are like in the summer. the other part is that there's always good food:) one of the girls brought this game that was a huge hit... it's called...kubb & the men loved playing it!!!

10th fave memory was being with my boys... at home and at camp and taking them different places on new adventures. seeing carter's vocabulary grow and love for life flourish. i loved being able to see reid start to move and get red knees because his skin can't believe he's moving this fast;) they make me tired but they are so much fun. i'm blessed.

to say the least our summer was full, i'm actually looking forward to some calmer days. don't know if they will come but until then...
happy end of summer,

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