Friday, July 1, 2011

fruit of the spirit.

i LOVE fruit.

and i have learned as a Christ-follower that fruit means two things.

one... that i tell others about Jesus.

two... that i am growing in the fruits of the spirit in galatians 5:22-23:


i told you earlier this summer that i am leading my senior girls in one last bible study. every week i am trying to teach them something from the Word that has helped me grow spiritually. Realizing that I need the holy spirit to help me and that i need to be growing in these fruits is challenging. so i did a bit of a hands on lesson... they each got an actual fruit and i wrote the fruit that they thought they most needed to improve in [of course with the help of the holy spirit]. They took them home and we all looked at our fruit throughout the week... mine sat on my end table in my family room.

mine was:

with my kids. yes, they are cute, but boy, they can test my patience.

we also memorized galatians 5:22. we talked about how we did last week. none of us did perfectly... but we're growing.

it was a helpful lesson for all of us.
growing in patience,

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