Wednesday, June 15, 2011

family fun monday.

our monday rocked.

our boys slept until 8. i slept until 8:30.

we made a picnic. i forgot my phone at home. and we ventured to cosley zoo.

carter wanted to know: 'what's dis animol.' & 'what he doin?'

he fed the ducks successfully, meaning he didn't eat the duck food himself. ;)

we had planned on going to cantigny because it got canned the week before because of rain (in which we visited this place & carter loved it!) but, since we didn't have my maps ap on my MIA phone we ended up walking in wheaton, going to a park, and eating our picnic there too.

so it was simple, cheap, and amazing... later we celebrated my sis-in-law abby's bday. here's my fave pics from the day:)


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