Thursday, March 31, 2011

7 things i learned on spring break.

last week i went on the spring break trip with the harvest rolling meadows high school juniors and seniors [see pics] my husband wrote this insightful post of things he re-learned, but i have a few thoughts myself.

first off, you've gotta see some of the videos the students produced. they got the info, made the idea/script, and shot/edited it all within one day.

the last three years i've taken the trip. the first year, i drove by myself in a packed to the brim cavalier with an 8 week old, last year i was stranded in the airport for 7 hours due to delays, and this year we drove 18 hours... why? you ask.

i think i have seven reasons why any youth pastor's wife should say YES to going on a ministry trip.
1. it's good for your marriage.
luke and i have been married almost 4 years and we've gone through all kinds of seasons. i think one of the best things for a marriage is to serve Christ together. It negates the petty fights and recognizes the place that Christ should have in your life when you try to help students put him first in their lives.

2. it's good for your kids.
i knew when we had children that they would need to be flexible. I think it's so important to be flexible that it's one of the family values that we're shaping in them. where they eat, where they sleep, who they're around.. i believe it's truly a character trait that is important for the future. to be frank: the high school students who struggled last week were inflexible.

3. time with dad.
whose kids get to spend 24 hours a day with their dad? why would i give up that opportunity for my kids when if we were at home, one: we'd be away from him and two: if he was at work we wouldn't be with him. it wasn't that he was available 24/7 to us but we got more time than we do in a normal week...

4. studying God's Word with students
When high school kids are answering the big questions of their faith... are we born sinners? why did Jesus have to die? what is God like? it heightens your own faith meter. You can't tell me that students praying fervently and reaching out to a student on the trip that doesn't know Christ can't build your own faith?!

5. time with the students.
each year i thought that my time with the students would lessen because I have more children and there were more students on the trip. instead it increased. i got the chance to talk to them while they played with my kids or while eating meals or just hanging out. i also loved talking to them after sharing my own testimony & about where the Lord has brought me to. i wouldn't give up my time with the students.

6. fires you up for more.
worship on the dunes, hearing the student's testimonies, hearing the students encourage one another, seeing students have a-ha! moments from the Word, and seeing their creativity rise to the occasion fires me up to do more ministry. my heart is ripe for more.

7. meet with God.
I got to meet with God. I got to worship God. I got to see students exhorted in their faith by their leaders. I was convicted toward change in my own life.

i know that some pastor's wives [or insert your husband's job title here] are great at complaining that their husbands aren't home enough. i certainly have complained in the past. but, what's wrong with going against the grain of everyday life and ceasing the opportunities for our family, our marriage, our ministry. He certainly will pave the way...

now, if you got the idea that i was sitting on a lawn chair drinking margaritas... i've given you the wrong impression, it's demanding work... but these 7 reasons show that my heart believes it was worth it.

lest i leave you thinking i wish was still in north carolina, i'm happy to be home in our 'normal' {if there's such a thing} life with a much calmer & quieter home. 73 people in one house should be outlawed ;) it no doubt took high personal cost... but is still reaping high reward in my heart.

thankfully done with spring break,

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