Sunday, December 19, 2010

three funny things.

i miss blogging like i miss teaching. it's one of those things i like to do. it's definitely not at the top of priority list like making sure we all have clean underwear these days and making sure that my child is fed but it's still a priority. these days lots of ideas and thoughts are in my head and few get to be blogged. but i figured short and sweet is still good:)

three funny things around these parts:)
loosing stuff happens a lot around here. i would say it could be blamed on sleep deprivation, but that's lame.

so i'll just blame it on our brains.

i literally went to the depths of the earth to find something for my husband today. but the feeling of finding it was oh so good. can you relate?

our back door. this thing has been a thorn in our flesh since we moved in. the handle has literally fallen off several, yes several times. and now you can barely get the thing open... like it gets stuck. everytime i walk through it i think... 'put your back into it...' :) one day it will get fixed.

& my little video monster. so the other day luke was out of town and my little ham, a.k.a. carter was being hilarious in the bathtub. so, i started taping him on my phone [i wish i could post it but since it's in the bath i decided that it's a bit risque, i don't want my son to hate me when he's older;)] on the video he splashes, tells me who he has a crush on and has a laughing fit [just like his momma], but lately all he wants to do is watch it over and over... and guess what?! he laughs hysterically at himself everytime:)

that's what's going on around here... what are you up to?

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