Thursday, December 16, 2010

it's been a month...

and we're still alive. we're happy. and yes, we are sleep deprived. but, we've made it. i've heard it said before by moms that they celebrate each birthday so big because it was like they had made it... the whole family, in one piece, and we give all the glory to God. i honestly cannot take one ounce of credit for myself. people's prayers and lots of humbling experiences brought me to my knees... which is also a good thing, no matter how hard it is.

i remember people saying before and after we were first married that marriage is a mirror that makes you see yourself very clearly... the good and the bad. that is a fact. but, i think with kids it is so much more telling... you see the best side of yourself come out toward them and your worst. i'm learning about this in a fresh way & it can only bring me to my knees even more...

do you notice... i am going to be on my knees momentarily folks;)

so... here's the cutie at one month.

-finally this kid is gaining some weight, i'll have his weigh-in in a few days when we visit the pediatrician.
- but the biggest change is alertness... those big eyes are my favorite part about him!

- he's a grunter:)
-he's a loud sleeper. everytime he's sleeping he sounds like a dog having a puppy dream... it's really sweet.
-he's a spitter-upper. more than my carter-man this guy likes to spit up. none the less, my laundry has just about tripled.:)
-when his hair is just washed it gets spikey & he kind of looks like kramer from seinfeld because it's so thin in the front.

an item that moms with children close together must here! otherwise you're never going to have two free hands...for awhile at least

we're adjusting. we're loving two boys. and we're pretty sure that a newborn in our house is the best form of seeing your selfishness. we think that at this time of year it's sweet to have a newborn because you think so much about the story of Christmas and Mary taking the trek to bethlehem on a donkey and our humble Savior being born and lying in a manger. it's a beautiful thing.

time flies when you've got a newborn,

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