Wednesday, December 29, 2010

1278.3477 days

apartment 404.
1995 camry. 2004 cavalier. 2007 xl-7. 1999. camry.
first home in rolling meadows.
find out we're pregnant with child #1.
first anniversary celebrated at a french restaurant where i couldn't eat but two bites of everything because i was so nauseous.
youth pastor at a new campus.
first year teacher at hca. [while pregnant with first child, while taking care of new house]
have first son... carter jude.
survive first year of everything we can pile in and promise ourselves we won't do that again.;)

kristen stays at home & we enjoy mondays together.
we take in ava on tuesdays and thursdays.
we get a family car.
we join a new small group and do date night along with it.
we go to italy with the fam.
we get the house to a point where we like almost everything. we figure out how to get into a good stead with lawn care and shoveling [paying a high schooler;)]
we go on a few getaways.
we put together a few pieces of furniture and decide we will just buy pre-assembled furniture from now on...
we get pregnant with baby #2.

we decide that we should stop putting money into a car that can't a month with one car and get a provision to get a better 2nd car.
we find out baby #2 is a boy & that carter jude will soon be knocked off his throne;)
we enjoy the independence of life with an 18 month old & his hilarious antics.
i succeed at a surprise party for your 25th birthday.
we have baby # 2: reid isaiah on his due date. big brother carter meets him & loves saying baby in a high-pitched tone.
we survive thanksgiving and christmas with two children. (obviously with carpet cleaner & lack of sleep)

this is just a few of the things we've done & learned along the way... but we're three & a half years in & i am happier now that i said yes to luke when he proposed than i was that night {& i was really happy then} because on my best and worst days... there's no one who loves me more [even knowing my worst flaws]. it's good to love & be loved.

happy 3 & 1/2 years luke:)
forever & ever kg

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