Wednesday, November 24, 2010

links of the week.

this week has been amazing and hard and i'm glad it's almost bedtime for my almost two year old but here i am, taking a breath of fresh air from looking through my blogs:)

ok....ready, set, go!

let me start you off with a bargain cheat sheet for black friday. because of my little peapod's birth... i won't be making any (well i might.... shh don't tell luke;)) stops but i love when anyone gets a great deal.. check this out!

since i will be able to decorate for christmas... in fact i'm chomping at the bit to do so... i thought this was adorable idea for a centerpiece.. yumm... all the ideas look great!

if you haven't decided on what to bring to thanksgiving... maybe you should bring looks like a winner:)

since my little almost 2 year old is soaking things up like a sponge these days i thought this was a great idea to look into for my advent calendar... candy (or 'nini' as carter calls it) is great but a verse to go with it, what could be better?

this spoke to my heart. if you're a human... i think it will for you too. trust me, read further...

and just for perks... and since i can't do a lot of dreaming these days seeing as the zzz's are few and far between... well, i like the dreaming that this blog post was doing:) which one's your favorite?!

happy links of the week:)

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BenRen said...

love those laundry rooms. my faves - top right or bottom left. um, considering we pay $2.00/ load (in tiny machines none-the-less)and walk outside to a creepy cellar/ water heating/ laundry room in our building (picture great scene for the year's next top psycho-killer movie)... any one of these would be the ritz of laundry in my view!