Wednesday, October 20, 2010

links of the week...

happy wednesday. i think i've got a few things that might spark your interest as they did mine. :)

something that has changed the way we live yet the thoughts here show we should possibly put some thought into how it affects those we're around.

everyone's busy, right?! i can tell you my sob story about how i didn't get my to-do list done and even a seven year old could tell me about their jam-packed day to night schedule. college students are the worst at this; i can say this because i was one of them. bottom line: there's not enough time in a day. so this post reflects on that... something to think about with the holidays around the corner.

something that excited me about christmas. no, i don't think i'm going to buy it because i'll have a newborn in the house and therefore enough to do. but, if i could i would buy one.

something to think about if you attend a mega-church. i've attended one all my life and the bottom line there: should all be about Jesus Christ. the end. story over. i think this brings a good perspective.

something i've been listening to... and that's carter's new favorite in the car. i think you'll catch on... come on' it's brooke freaking frasier.:)

happy blogging,

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