Wednesday, October 13, 2010

links of the week [two]

here we are again. an opportunity for me to share with you a few interesting things i spotted in the blog world this past week.

happy reading!

hunger is quite frequent in the last days of pregnancy. slap a menu in front of me and i can pretty much find an abundance of things i'd like to try. at this point the stomach of mine is being scrunched so i can eat small amounts in about twenty minute increments. jewel has a healthy customer in me;) so on the cooking note these are two somethings that i thought looked good. [click two & somethings for two separate links]

finding good articles is a hard task. i think that this blog has found three worth while reading. and it leaves some things to think about...

i really like my life.. most days. i mean who has a life that is 'a walk in the park' everyday?! no one i know. so when i saw this picture it reminded me of my trip to italy last year... simply because everybody rides these little moped deals on the brick paved streets. on the hard days this looks like a good place to disappear to... doesn't it?!

something that put my perspective in place. i think we can often loose sight of the end goal... i think this helps...

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