Friday, October 29, 2010

happy [early] birthday to my husband.

to surprise @lukemacdonald is like surprising santa clause with christmas it just doesn't happen. and the guy does amazing things year after year for my birthday so this year i knew had to be good. but.... his birthday is november 22nd and we're due with a baby november 16th... if you do the math or are a woman who has had a child before you know that i needed to do this previous to the labor experience;)

so there i was at camp harvest at the staff wives retreat... we played some minute to win it games and i was convinced this was the perfect theme.

then i got the only date in october that the cornerstone cafe at harvest was available. a month before his birthday and a little less than a month before my due date. very do-able.

we had him completely surprised until about 4 o'clock when he started gathering some of the things that were happening but he had no idea of the people or the games or what had gone into it...

so... we got him... 4'clock the day of the surprise... i'll take that!

i'll let the pics do the rest of the talking... i could seriously download one hundred but i'll spare you and just show you my favorites.

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