Thursday, September 2, 2010

the listening man.

the other day was high school ministry leadership training day.

i was just thinking about one of the things luke said that the students need that as leaders we need to provide for them... listening ears.

listening ears. hmm.. where might they get listening ears if we don't provide them?

he started out by saying that married men, you know what i'm talking about. {do i have to mention that all the married women laughed at this point} sometimes your wives don't want you to fix the problem in their life, she just wants you to listen.

how is a man supposed to know....? does she want a fixer as she tells me this story or a listener?

i have to say in the last 3+ years luke has gotten pretty good at this. and when he does start 'fixing' i have learned my part, "JUST TELL HIM... i want a listener & not a fixer." yes ladies, just tell him.

i love the things in marriage you learn over time. you couldn't be taught them in pre-marital or know on your wedding day of the fights that will be had about the paradox of listening & fixing... but, they happen.

so... i'm sure he'll keep listening & quite possibly fixing [in his head of course] & i'll go on thinking that he's listening & not fixing:) but isn't that the beauty of marriage?... progressing towards better even though perfection's not attainable. i think so, how else do you become one?

til death do us part,

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