Wednesday, September 22, 2010


the daunting task of laundry is never ending. a couple months ago i came to my reality and looked it straight in the eyes. my true reality [as far as laundry goes] is that the pile is not getting any smaller with more additions to the family & them being boys [no less;)], i honestly feel like it would be a smart investment to buy the SHOUT stock even in this economy.... after all, another bottle is in my cart every week @ jewel.

so... right before i went to college my sophomore year i made a few wooden plaques with my very talented friend (find her blog here) for my college dorm. they were at my parents the first few years we were married but when i dug them out of a bin last april i wanted to put them somewhere....

low and behold i found the perfect place. my laundry closet. on the days when the laundry feels daunting... yes that's the word i'd use... this helps me to look UP. the monotonous things of today will be... but i can stand firm on the WORD of God no matter how daunting or monotonous life & laundry seem....

so to more laundry- cheers!;)

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