Friday, July 23, 2010

i think i've officially become a diaper snob.

i'm disappointed, i can only buy my child one brand of diaper. as a young mom i never thought i'd care about the 'brand name' diapers or that they had much more to offer, i'm one of those 'can never pay full price' kind of s. but i think i can honestly say it's officially happened; i can only buy the brand that starts with p and ends with s [and it rhymes with rampers]. is anyone with me?

i would probably define being a diaper snob accordingly: cannot take up to the cash register any product besides that one certain brand that keeps my child's rear in tip top shape. sound familiar, i hope i'm not the only one! grin.

this week is when i came to the end of my 'other brand' days. carter has decided to wake up around the lovely hour beginning with 6. i am blessed - i have to say - in the fact that my sweet husband leaves me in the comfort of my bed next to my snoogle while he totes carter downstairs to his toy-filled destination. but, no less i hear me-me-me and da-da-da at the hour of 6 a.m. i have made a conclusion based on scientific evidence that the cause of this early morning waking is due to wet everything.... wet shorts, HUGE wet diaper, and yes, even a wet shirt. my poor child. who would want/be able to sleep in the discomfort of everything wet on your body.

i got tempted by the brand that starts with l and ends with s. i bought the diapers for 3.99 or something which makes each diaper about 6 cents. cheap, yes. worth loosing my sleep over? no. i think you'd be proud of this shopper because i've waited until there are only two diapers left to go buy the brand that begins with p and ends with s... i haven't gone wasting these precious inventions called diapers.

but, i'm surely going to walk down the aisle at my local store and put only one brand in my cart. snobbish? maybe, but at 5 1/2 months pregnant all the sleep i can get is worth it!

signing off a diaper snob,
yours truly.

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