Wednesday, June 30, 2010

vaca with the ike's

one thing my family loves to do every year is to get away. i have more memories than I can count from going to destin, fl when i was growing up [18 months old- 20]. but, now that we have kids and 'real' jobs getting away isn't as easy. so, we've found some great lake houses in the mean time. this one was borrowed from a friend of my dad's. it was on green lake in wisconsin & absolutely spectacular.

we each take a night to cook and come up with a fun game or question. this year though the highlight for me was watching our three kids interact. last year jackson and carter were still babies but this year they were ready to rock and roll. nap times were much more convenient this year which equaled boat time for the parents... it was so.. fun! my sister, sister-in-law & i now all have these fun cameras so i didn't take as many pictures as normal because cameras were always around. but, i'll share what I have. we had fun!:)

this isn't a great picture but this kitchen was disputed over many times while we were there... it was a hot commodity. let's just say we're in the process of teaching sharing;)

carter loved to run and play in the yard... it was amazing:)

it was a beautiful flat yard for the kids to play in. and then straight to the lake:)

the eichmann studs

my brother's beautiful family

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