Tuesday, June 29, 2010

3 years ago...

i married my best friend.
the love of my life.
the person who laughs at my jokes.
the one i can sit by and know what he's thinking even when he doesn't say a word.
the father of my children.
the person who knows just what to say to me [almost] all the time.
the man that kisses me goodnight.
he is my husband.

the one who challenges me spiritually.
the one who leads our family.
the man that serves endlessly.
the one who acts as if all of the hs ministry kids are his own.
a man who puts God first.
a man who knows the Word.
he is my husband.

the one who leans his shoulder in when i need a good cry.
the man who gives me a sweet embrace after a long hard day.
the man whose smile melts my heart.
the man whose jokes make me laugh so much i cry & snort. [chinese candles]
the man who believes the best when he doesn't know the details.
the man who surprises me and showers me with love.
yep, he's my husband.

he's the man who has seen me through each of the 1,095 days.
he's helped me see the big picture on the days that don't seem to end.
and he makes me believe and hope that our best days are ahead.
he is a great dad and he makes me feel like the luckiest woman on earth.
he's my husband.
i love you babe,
[laura] forever baby;)

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dani and joey snare said...

cute. you guys are great.