Monday, May 17, 2010


in our family, family comes first... no job, no itinerary, nothing comes before family. so when our carter woke up feverish and cuddly- my plans changed..for the whole day and yes today too, and quite possibly for tomorrow. all of this to say that i wasn't there to hear luke's concluding message in the preaching series happy.

but, i have had a cd in my car lately and i can only seem to replay one song over and over. i wish there was a repeat button on the stereo. please listen/watch here.

there are three main lines in the song that speak to me:
you make all things new: God's promise.

When the world is falling out from under me & when time and space is through--- ill be found in you-still standing. : my prayer.

made of different stuff than when i began : lord willing, i'm progressing.

this year Pastor James has preached through the book of revelation. after hearing Biblical message after Biblical message of the last times my fleshly thinking temporarily ceases and I am able to see that the world is 'literally' falling out from underneath. it's clear that if we as believers of Jesus Christ we persevere that we have a hope that is worth living for; but the things that we as humans worry about seriously don't matter in the grand scheme. really?! what shoes & clothes i wear, what car i drive, what i buy at jewel, no less what coupons i use. but my mind still gets twisted into these things when I'm not thinking with an eternal perspective. it boggles my mind to see what used to be hidden and is now tolerated, that on many of home shows i watch i hgtv that people think that buying a house logically comes before marriage,(these being the least of the issues) i mean it just seems real that these really could be the last days. the best part in the writing of this song is that she doesn't leave out the hope.... 'I'll be found in him & i'm still standing.' by no means in my strength or the grace that i could muster but truly only by God's grace, by his strength...i love that he loves us enough to supply this. Praise Him.

I didn't know all this would come out. but, nonetheless it did. just some thoughts. this is the truth that I'm trying to live in and for so that that promise, that prayer and that progress can be made.

his clay,

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The Catheys said...

I love love love Brooke Fraser! Her whole album is so favorite is her song "Hymn"

Also, thought I'd let you know that Jon and I have our first Bible study tomorrow:) It's a group in Lake In The Hills...we are really excited:)

Hope Carter gets better soon...Adelyn has been fighting something too and had a fever sunday and monday, but was better today. Gotta love those snuggly days though:)