Saturday, May 15, 2010

my vision has come to light.

Luke & i have been homeowners for coming up on two years. hard to believe. when we first moved in we had furniture for like three rooms in the house. as the time passes we fill the rooms as we can and try to leave our personal mark along the way.

we don't really have a dining room... more so a dining area. [which is so fine for our time in life] so, this january as i was thinking about goals i thought i'd like to make this dining area... umm.. nice, comfy, fun, more dining-ish. i never want to find all my identity in the house i own, but i still really want to like it & take pride in what it looks like.

so, my first vision was purple. pink has always been my favorite color but i wanted a deep purple wall. [i finally got one.] while looking at paint samples i saw a room with a plate collage, super cool [got one of those]. i also found a decal [did i mention i'm obessessed?] that i really love. so, here we are with my vision that has come to light, i'd like to think this room is way more 'luke & kristenish' & that it is all the adjectives i described earlier. much like 'us' i didn't take a before picture, so... drum roll... here's the dining area.

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