Thursday, May 6, 2010

goodbye to a season, hello to a NEW season.

since september i have gladly (most mornings at least:))woken up early on tuesday and thursday mornings to drive with carter to my sister's house and take care of my niece ava. ava is vivacious, loving, nurturing, curious, energy-filled four year old that carter and i adore. i can honestly say she & my c have become best of buds. yes, she bosses him around but it's just preparing him for the rest of his life;)

i knew this was drawing to a close but didn't know so soon. this morning i planned a trip to the zoo on the fly. im so glad i did not knowing this would be our last day just the three of us. on the way there carter was ticked at me because i tried to get his hoodie off and i couldn't while driving on I-90. what did ava do? sing. yep, she didn't yell (and yes ill admit i did) she just has this sweet personality that was like, 'i'm gonna find the best even in this situation.'

my favorite thing about ava is her willingness to affirm.... at any moment. many times this year i'd be preparing lunch while she and carter played in the family room. but at times these two little hungry rats would be up in my space. [in my opinion being in a mom's space while she is trying to fix lunch is like getting near a momma bear trying to protect her cubs.... word of caution:DON'T DO IT:)] so, i'd try to calmly tell she and carter to go back where i told them to be in the first place... usually before she'd do that she'd come up to me, hug me, and say, "auntie, i love you." and then go in the other room. how can you resist that?!

so for better or worse, carter and i are starting a new season. we will miss her for sure.. but still see her nonetheless. we LOVE her!:)

so... with that, here's pics from the zoo!



Jeremy & Allison Eichmann-Helfrich said...

Awww Auntie, this is so sweet to read about my Ava! I'm holding back tears as I sit in study hall with 55 bored out of their minds teenagers! She loves you so much. You've been a great Ava- watcher. I wish that it didn't have to end so soon too.


ReneePierce said...

What a sweet time you've all had together! :) I just caught up on your blog, KG- love it!! I love how I can hear you saying each sentence. You crack me up too. lol

love ya