Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thirsty - Part IV

All I have to say is wow. This sermon hit me. One of the reasons was because it was quite personal.... but the other is because if the students get this... they will be miles ahead in wisdom.

Luke preached from Matthew 6, the famous passage about not being anxious... but it holds so much more than that.

One of his first statements was this: God wants you to be successful in everything you are doing. But, not on your own terms, He will take you where he wants you to go first.

v.25-26 lesson: Just trust Christ. Effort won't get me where I want to go.

v. 27-29 lesson: What is the point of worrying? insecurity in clothes, etc.

rest of passage lesson: God doesn't care nearly as much about your success as your heart. [i think that statement needs to be repeated again...] God doesn't care nearly as much about your success as your heart.

----> God only blesses those who seek after God...
Practically speaking... seeking him means:
- spend time thinking about Him and who He is, what He's done.
- Doing what He wants done in the world.

Luke shared in depth about his accident now almost 5 1/2 years ago.

[if you aren't aware... Luke was driving a car that at 80 mph had a back tire that blew and he by the grace of God broke his neck but was not paralyzed. The doctors told his parents that it was a miracle he was alive. After enduring the wearing of a halo device he has no side effects to this day from the accident.}

Although I see the scars on his handsome face daily sometimes I allow the miracle of the accident to fade. He shared humbly about how so many {even good} things got in the way of his heart for Christ and how he was so much more drawn to the things that he was doing than doing them for the glory of Christ. When he showed the picture of that Oldsmobile Bravada {mind you I had spent many rides in that vehicle} I began to cry.. I mean tears fully flowing. I know in my heart that I would have been ok without Luke but that I am so thankful that God choose to keep him here and isn't finished with him yet. PRAISE PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We wouldn't have been married, we wouldn't have Carter... I don't need to go to the rest of it because by God's amazing grace this was the plan. The amazing thing though is that Luke is a changed man. He did love Christ back then but the humility, love, grace, forgiveness, joy, and hope he has in Christ now is incomparable to what it was then. I am truly in love with a Godly man.

Although we were just dating at the time of the accident I felt the weight of it in a very different way than he did... but it totally affected my faith seeing someone go through something so difficult and staying firm in the knowledge and love of Christ. Today, I can say we are changed together. We learned from that lesson. I know there will be lessons in the future, easy ones and hard ones... I just hope we learn them the first time so we don't have to learn the same lessons over and over.

I share this story not to say anything but that God is good, he performs miracles, and sometimes he uses difficult circumstances to grab hold of our attention. Praise Him for all of these things... better is one day in his courts than thousands elsewhere.

I pray you find your satisfaction in Christ. He is the only one who can fully satisfy.
love to you and yours,

I put this picture below because it's a great reminder of to me of his visible scars... love every part of him:)

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