Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I haven't posted in nearly two whoppin' weeks!

the youth pastor's wife is wild n' crazy. that's right;) i ventured down with the junior and senior spring break trip to gatlinberg, tennessee. to say we had a beautiful view was an understatement and a week away in a house with 59 other humans, i couldn't ask for anything more:)

one of my friends and a fellow high school leaders has a little one about three weeks older than carter. we decided that flying down would be more logical than the 12 drive in vans. that is, 'was logical' until we waited six, yes SIX LLLLLLOOOOONNNNNGGG hours at O'hare airport. by the time we left we were dirty, disheveled, and feeling hopeless.... but the $150 free voucher that we received along with a sleeping child in an empty row made the flight more desirable than i had imagined. thank God for the little blessings along the way. although this hiccup seemed HUGE in the moment, God worked it together for our good. (i'll spare you of the rest of the details of the six hours)

each leader (i believe there were 8) got a team with mostly students we didn't know. each day they were given a theological question at 10 a.m. they had to research it and be ready to present it to the group at 7 p.m. I think most people would think i was crazy if i told you that these jrs. & srs. studied for hours on spring break... but it's TRUE... that's what they did. & my group had so... much fun doing it!:)

my group:)

whoever 'won' or had the best presentation of the night was awarded a trip to Chick-filet. my husband treated each group every day.... hmmm... i think he finally has had his fill of chick-filet or has he?!

one of the nights Danielle (a great friend and another leader) and I were able to serve communion to the students. We stood at the front of the room while these students sung their faces off.... humbly, gratefully, and amazingly. tears were streaming down my face because the authenticity I saw that night rocked my world. Praise God!!!

the night that really made me realize all that the Lord was doing was a testimony night. Luke had the students share a statement that went kinda like this:
I was.... but then God... so now I....
they shared these and it was such hard evidence of the God's sovereignty and love and grace in our lives. Friday, they went out and shared their testimonies with people in gatlinberg... another teaching experience.

the trip ended gracefully as jen & I ventured to the hotel by the airport and left EARLY saturday morning (yes, emphasis necessary:)) and slept a lot before we were able to welcome our transformed students and leaders and husbands.

these are the little kiddies at the hotel... eating like nobody's business a midnight snack:)


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