Monday, March 1, 2010

thirsty - part dos.

Blow Pops... when was the last time you had one?! let's start with a thought about the blow pop- how many of you actually enjoy the outer crust and don't just bite down to get to the gum?!

Last week we came to the realization that the only way that we can be fully satisfied is through Christ... so how do we do that [in all practicality]?

Isaiah 55:6-11 gave us four simple ways to do this: SEARCH, REPENT, REALIZE, and STUDY.

The Challenge: What am I going to do this week to seek God more? How can I enjoy the outercrust of the Blow pop instead of just biting into the core. Because I think Luke said it best when he said this sentence: I'M SICK OF BEING THIRSTY.

-there isn't time more valuable than time spent with God.

may this challenge you in YOUR walk with CHRIST this week!

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The Catheys said...

Hey Beautiful Blogger...I am giving you an award...go to my page and cut and paste. Follow the prompts!