Sunday, February 14, 2010

love is in the air.

love. i love love; but, i say i love nail polishes even though i love lots of things more than i love nail polishes. so... i was thinking about love yesterday enough that i think a decent post is in store.

i have been thinking about valentine's day now for awhile, (happy v-day to you by the way) and the fact that eight years ago today Luke and I went on our very first date. yep, his dad picked me up, we ate at poppa clemenza's and then we hung out at his house, how romantic.:) i know lots of people call it a 'hallmark holiday' but to me it really is special. call it what you want.

now that i've been a mom for a bit over a year i understand a new type of love... not the giggly, oh my gosh he's so hot kind of love but a wow, it's amazing that there's a person inside this little body and i have been entrusted with this little man to raise him and teach him about life and love. it's a challenge but i do love him. after all love is putting others before myself. i've done a lot of that for him, so willingly and i am so beyond blessed that i get to love such a sweet, joyful lil' man.

but, it was a few years ago on a day that i was hurting that i was hit dead on with the concept of love. many of you know that luke and i broke up in college to date other people after having dated for about 3 1/2 years. i had come home for christmas break just a week or two after we had broken up. i was sitting in church and dr. stowell was teaching about love. i remember during worship coming to tears and then hearing that he was going to preach on love... oh great.

but, he turned to the well-known passage of 1 Corinthians 13..."love is patient, love is kind, love doesn't envy or boast, it is not arrogant or rude, it doesn't insist on it's own way, it's not irritable or resentful, it doesn't rejoice at wrongdoing but rejoices with the truth . love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things." he said something like this: that as humans it is impossible to love like this, obviously God's Word is written so we have an example to look after and even though it's a difficult task it should still be our goal. But, God is the only one who can love us with this kind of love. Do you know His love?

i've grown up in church and known in my head of this love for a long time, but to know it, feel it, and accept it in your heart is totally different. that's why when people say, 'yeah, i believe there's a God' but they don't go after Him and desire to know Him, it makes me sad. Every other love that we have on this earth is going to fail us... no matter how good looking, smart, talented, [enter adjective here] they are they can in no way compare to the love that we can have in Christ.

I'm not sure who reads this blog or even if anyone does, but if you do and you don't know Christ. At least try this on for size today: His love is greater than any love on this earth. He embodies 1 Corinthians 13... you can have Him in your life today.

Oh & happy Valentine's day to the best two boys in my life... EVER! kg

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