Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm not sure that a little boy could be celebrated more...

Celebrate??? we did. Like I said yesterday, Luke and I are so blessed. Our little man melts our hearts just about everyday when he smiles at us, laughs at us, plays peek-a-boo with us... this year has definitely had it's challenges but when we look at our son it gives us such a renewed perspective and love for life. thank you God for a visible picture of JOY in our lives.

Once we got back from our cruise I was bound and determined to make sure miniature love of our lives got the party of his dreams... (yeah know those he tells us about even though he has no words). yep, it pretty much started with a fun thought about cookie monster. I sent out invitations but had no ideas of what this party would hold. who did I go to?! yep... Ashley my sister-in-law (click here to see her blog!) So we sat down... got the creative juices flowing and low and behold we landed on these two sites: click here & here and we were like... NO WAY!!!! Before finding the sites we found ourselves talking in the cookie monster voice (you know what i'm talking about) and this was a moment of divine providence!

So... i will leave you with these pictures (LIVE JOY) from his party. need i say that we are so blessed to know and love the people that joined us! He is one LUCKY little boy!
these were one of my favorite projects for the party... cookie monster cups... found at one of the sites listed above.:)
our little sporting his boa and his party hat that didn't last long!:)

amazing cupcakes made at a nearby bakery!:) idea from internet!

daddy with carter during present time!:)

cake time!!!!!!!!!

our family. :)

signing off-blessed!

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Ashley Eichmann said...

Haha!!! I am just reading this now. Thanks for the shoutout. I had such a fun time planning this with you. Thanks for including me in the party prep! Me like you.