Monday, February 8, 2010

I can become Julia Childs....

with this Chicken Corn Chowder Soup!!!

Ok, so when I got married I remember one of the best parts coming home from the honeymoon was the anticipation of opening gifts... I wish I would have taken pictures of our apartment swarmed with presents. We arrived at my parents house and brought all the presents up from the basement in record heat (of course one of those hot days in Chicago in July) to the car then to the elevator then to our #404 apartment. I was sweating to say the least... but back to the story. My sister gave me 4 william sonoma cookbooks. Of course, they look cool on the outside so over the past 2 1/2 years (holy cow!) i've displayed them in the kitchen but haven't yet cooked a recipe from them (dare i say that?!, alli, i sure hope you're not reading this;)) but, i can officially say i have...oh yeah, uh huh! WOW, double WOW. it was good. unfortunately i didn't take any pictures of what I made but I will share the ones i took.

i will also add that it was good reheated. i made it with corn bread muffins (thanks $.49 jiffy boxes) and saved two for saturday afternoon. Delish. so.. one thing that i have decided to do is write down by the recipe the date, if we liked it out of 10 and a quote from my husband. For this meal this was the commentary:

2/4/10- no wine & 2 lbs. of chix thighs bc had bone and skin included in weight. "Quite Good!" :)

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