Sunday, January 17, 2010

What to do about Haiti?!

These days you can say just one word and everyone knows exactly what you're talking about... haiti. The photos, the news stories, the thought of thousands all being put into one big 'tomb' (if that's even true) and yet us as Americans still have every luxury that we had the day it happened.

The closest thing that this tragedy reminds me of is my time in Guatemala on a missions trip when I was a senior in high school. The poverty of the people we worked with was something that was so unfamiliar to me but seeing their life with so little yet they possessed such joy. Paradigm shift of "why can't my life possess that joy when I have Christ and have so many other material blessings?" But yet this doesn't come close to the people in Haiti and the tragedy they are facing.

My heart hurts for moms that have littles that are carter's age. I can't imagine my child crying for food and yet I can't provide it for them. No less not knowing where several relatives are. I was thinking... if an earthquake happened here, in Rolling Meadows, IL I would be distraught if just one relative was missing... no less all of them. My heart breaks for these people.

The one promise that I am holding onto is that God knows and that in His eyes none of them are forgotten. Luke and I were watching some kind of report and Anderson Cooper said that there are so many people to bury that they aren't even writing their names down, they're just burying them. Wow, no one will know who's gone??? But, God knows the names of those who have survived, those pulled out of the rubble, and those who have died.

These are just some of my thoughts over the past day when the word 'Haiti' comes to mind. What are your thoughts? How are you helping? I am excited for the 'Churches helping Churches' plan that comes back as James and a team travel to Haiti Lord-willing this week.

God is good ALL the time, ALL the time, God is good.