Wednesday, January 13, 2010


To say the last few weeks of our life have been great is an understatement but to say they've been calm would be even more of an understatement. I am thankful that these kind of seasons last only a bit but love to be part of all that's going on. I must say though that the thought of a new year this year is very refreshing. I've been more goal-oriented and 'on my game' since 20-10 (yes, that's how you say the new year;)) started. Bring it on.

So... high lights. the first thing that comes to mind is being at a salon and paying a person to put foil and color in your hair to make it look pretty. but, no that's not what I am talking about. Wow, that's a tangent... Instead of debriefing blogworld on what we've been up to I thought I'd fill in with the things in the past few weeks that have truly been highs. I'm sure they'll be a post soon about what God is generating in my heart for the new year and some of the crazy resolutions i have. but, for now I'll dwell on the past.... so that we don't forget about these fun/crazy/amazing things that have happened!

Christmas. It was Carter's first one, so I went tradition crazy (asking everyone i talked to about theirs) and I wrapped every gift i could find for him (even though we - luke and i- unwrapped them) (what was the point of that?!) and we spent some really great time with family. one of my favorite parts of Christmas was going to see my Grandpa and all of my relatives in central IL. It made me laugh to see my parents and aunts and uncles sitting on the couch laughing at my cousins and i as we ran after and catered to our young children. i bet they would snicker just reading this because they remember being right where we are just a few years ago.

'christmas break' was a bit different this year because i don't work outside the home. but with many i love on the 'school schedule' i was able to spend a lot of time with them... in the mean time luke was crazy busy planning winter retreat which was dec. 31-jan. 3.

winterfest. i left carter for the weekend with his gigi and pa to be with 9 16 year old girls. as i sat on the bus i thought i might be nuts because they can actually talk back to me.... but really it was a really great weekend! although i hate the cold i love being part of the games with the students, i love the conversations and the thinking outloud in the midst of few distractions that you have on the floors of cold cabins. by God's amazing grace Luke preached his heart out about Esther and so many real issues... pride, courage, challenges and rising above them. You know it's the Spirit moving when the message hits every single person in the room. there's something about singing .... darkness trembles in his holy light amongst 200 people. God was there, i loved it, and i LOVE those girls.

cruise. we were blessed to be able to head straight from the coldest place on earth (michigan) to one of the warmer places... San Pedro, CA within a few hours and board a cruise with Luke's family. Although the logistics of packing for two trips back to back for three are a bit hairy I am glad that we were able to do this! I have never been on a cruise before and have loved the thought so it was a venture I was willing to take. WARNING TO ALL YOUNG MARRIEDS: GO on a cruise WITHOUT, I repeat WITHOUT children.:) Carter was really good almost everyday. But, at night he hated his pack n play. This meant the three of us in one bed. But, we made lots of memories, met amazing waiters that hosted us for dinner (if only they could do this at my house every night) and we got to enjoy some rays. My favorite day was in Cabo san Lucas when we parasailed and swam with dolphins (ours was named Merian).

Now, we're back ready to roll in 20-10. Monday we took down christmas stuff, i'm in the midst of planning a cookie monster 1st birthday party and the ball is rolling for the spring break high school trip.

More than anything though I realize this one verse that I want to be my lifeline this coming year. It's humbling for me to write because it's something that i struggle with but I believe that nothing is impossible with God. I pray that this year He has laid something on your heart.. a specific challenge that you'll rise to meet by his grace, love, and power.

Psalm 19:14 "Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O LORD, my rock and my redeemer."


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