Thursday, December 17, 2009

Shout without Screaming Part Tres.

I've grown up in the church, yep one of those church kids who knew a lot of Bible stories growing up. It was not until later in life though that it really transferred from my head to my heart. But, because of that I have gone to a lot of church services... heard a lot of sermons. But, this weekend Luke preached a sermon that everyone in the room could relate to. It could have been a 90 yr. old grandmother, a kindergartner or these high school students; it was a WORD from the Lord. It ended the series... Shout without Screaming... living out your faith boldly.

He began in 2 Samuel 12. Who are we kidding, not many people spend their devotions in that book. But, as we know God's Word is alive and working... every part of it. He talked about how Nathan and David had gone 'way back.' They had done a lot together... gone through good times and trials. But, David had just sinned with Bathsheba and his life wasn't going in the right direction. So, Nathan did what a Christ-like person should do as a friend. He was strong, truthful, graceful, but he had a word for him. His life needed evidence of change.

Best sentence of the message: "Sometimes it's more important to say the hard thing rather than the nice thing." However, the sad reality in our culture is that the automatic weapon that comes out after the person says the hard thing is, "stop judging me." Haven't you ever been in that spot and said that ?! I know I have. But, as I grow spiritually (believe me, I am not trying to say this as if I have arrived... clearly I have not) but I have realized that when people say those hard things to me they do it because they love me and it was not easy for them to say it but something does need to change in my life. And in the cases when I listened and changed, we reaped benefits in the friendship as well as growth in character. God is so faithful in that way.

So... it left all of us sitting in that room with this challenge: Who in your life do you need to say something hard to? Is there someone you need to encourage?

In all of these things Thinking and Communicating are key factors but in the end Honesty Reigns. May our lives shout to each other.

My life application. I sat there and then went to talk to my small group girls. Hard conversations brought up, yes. But, the knowledge that Christ will be with me as I do it is an awesome reassurance no matter the outcome. There are so many things in life that are hard, but the people that you do life with are so important. Right relationships are fundamental to our life, that's why I'm taking this challenge. Will you do it?! >>>>> go now, have that convo.

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