Thursday, December 10, 2009

After some manual labor...

look who has a new home!!!

yeah know those purchases you make when you're first married. the furniture for the apartment that you think you'll automatically be able to replace when you get a home. Well, like most people we've been able to (see that good attitude;)) slowly acquire the new furniture and enjoy all the more since we had to wait for it! So... after probably 4 hours of reading the manual and getting most of the parts in the right places.... we have this... the home to Luke's most prized possession & much more pleasing to the eye of course!:) thanks luke for getting this for me! I love it!:)

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Renee said...

If you don't know Kristen well, this comment blog is a GREAT display of her personality, which I LOVE!!! So thankful to be closer to you again, my friend. AND I love this blog- the humor of day to day life, the pictures, and the truth about God word, and how it's impacting your life!