Saturday, November 28, 2009

Our Thanksgiving Week

Yep, it's Saturday morning 6:30 a.m. the house is quiet with an intermittent cough every twenty or so minutes by the little carter man. Sadly enough our great start to the week a.k.a. vacation didn't end so well.... maybe why I haven't posted since last Friday (it's been almost a week since I've opened my google reader...gasp!). So, yep I'll spare you of most of the details ;) but here's what we've been up to & thinking...

Monday: woke up rested and with NO (!!!!!!) plans in Michigan. poor carter woke up sick - this little man of ours has never resisted food, monday he did... we KNEW something was wrong. we both didn't get out of our pjs all day. don't know when that happened last. started on Christmas Cards (yes, i love addressing Christmas cards) and we just hung out. blessed.

Tuesday: carter still not doing well. went to 'hit the road joe's' (yes a local joint) and bummed to say that my vanilla latte wasn't as good as the one I had from McDonald's on the way up there! :( But we ended up coming home early as carter began the early signs of pink eye. bummer. but, got home and felt rested (WOOT WOOT!) luke and i laughed as we didn't even want to relax by the tv. because we had watched it so much in MI.

Wednesday a.k.a. D-DAY: took C to doctor and found out he had pink eye and an ear infection. a few hours later...I felt as though I was on my death bed. flu. luke took on the domestic role... not his forte but he did well.

Thursday: woke up weak but laid on the couch for all Thanksgiving as my husband kept chanting to me (literally): Shopping, shopping, shopping! (if you know my love for shopping the outlets on the night of Thanksgiving then you might understand the reason for his chanting, I talk about my deals all year long;)) and yep, i made it. my sister in law even borrowed a wheel chair in case i wasn't going to be able to walk! ha!

Friday: Woke up with a new swing in my step! Christmas cards mostly addressed. Christmas decs out and starting to take shape, but for the life of me I can't remember where I put everything last year... arrggh.

Eventful, yes. always. Thankful, probably more so than usual. Honestly, I can't remember being that sick many times in my life. It makes for hilarious stories but other than that it was terrible. so, now that i am feeling better it makes me so much more thankful for my health. and as carter has had this run of not so good health i am so thankful he has been healthy for most of his life! luke, yep, if you didn't see his birthday post and the ten reasons why we love him he took that domestic role to heart and cared for his less than pleasant wife. that's enough to win an award. ;)

i am thankful for family, friends, food, a home, the hope of Christmas coming (the TRUE hope) and for the little blessings along the way. I am reminded again this morning that God is faithful and he will carry us through our celebrations as well as our trials. A friend was recently going through something and said, "I don't want to pray this away (a trial) but I want to be thankful through it." I almost gasped and was really humbled.. do i do that?! Thankful, that's what I want to be said about me. room to grow, haven't arrived but on my way thanks to Jesus Christ.

much love & HEALTH to you and yours this Thanksgiving! kg
and now pictures beginning from last friday!:)
these are the three kiddos at our house... an accurate pic and then a try for a posed.

Luke got sung to like four or five times... i guess that's what happens when you get old;)
we did this car racing thing with his fam. super fun!:)
out to dinner after... yep we look tired and worn... we were just wearing helmets and racing gear;)

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