Wednesday, November 18, 2009

10 things I love about Luke for his 24th birthday!!!

And so... Luke's birthday extravaganza begins today (although his real birthday is sunday!) with cupcakes at work and this blog post!

10 things I love about you for your 24th birthday

1. Love for Christ and the students you serve. You never stop thinking about it. You find your role not significant in the fact that you are doing it but in the fact that it honors and glorifies Christ. Awesome.
the fact that you'd put yourself in this position at camp harvest says it all...:)

2. Your love for Carter and I. This may sound selfish but I love that you love me and Carter. I never question it because you tell me so many times throughout the day and you never cease to amaze me with the ways that you show us your love. Whether it’s flowers you bring home for me or that you love surprising me, or that you want to hang out with Carter. You are a selfless lover… and it’s so cool. I’m the lucky one.
This was our first family pic after Carter was born and I remember the feeling we both discussed of 'holy cow, we really love this kid almost as much as we love each other.'

3. Passion. You are a worker, we both are. But, it’s that energy and drive that makes us play hard and rest hard. Your ability to keep going because you love what you do is contagious. It is so great to me that you are dying to go to work on Tuesday after having Monday off because you can’t wait to pour yourself out again and all of your ideas you’ve been thinking up!

I can see the passion in your face in this picture.

4. Non-possessiveness. Yep, you would honestly give the shirt off your back, even if it was your favorite because you don’t take pride in the things you have. There have been so many times when I have gotten frustrated because you’ve taken food out of the fridge that I’ve planned on eating or give away a cd in our car and it will drive me nuts. But, when I realize that you gave it to someone because you wanted them to enjoy ‘it’ I realized that your mindfulness of that is where my mindneeds to be too. Thanks for being an example of that to me.

5. Love for reading. I know you think I dislike the fact that you like books but it’s not true. I love that you love books. So much so that it’s rubbed off on me and I’ve read more books than I have in many years this year. Partly having to do with more time but partly because I see the way it gives you insight into life and that it’s a fulfilling hobby. How’s that for ya babe, you’re rubbing off on me?!

Luke doesn't just grill, he reads and grills. This is the norm. How'd you rate that for multi-tasking?!:)

6. Humor. I know that many girls have a list of the things that you want in a guy when you get married and they write: must make me laugh… forever. Yep. I got one of those on my team. You love to laugh. We have so many inside jokes, it makes me laugh just thinking about it. Like your dad said, “it’s a full time job for you just to control your humor.” perfectly stated.

This picture holds the inside joke of 'black beans.' We can't go to a mexican restuarant without thinking about it. i was newly pregnant and feeling extremely sick on vacation so Luke had to baracade all the black beans on the table so that I couldn't get a look or wiff of them. hilarious.

7. Family man. Yes, this differs from your love for Carter and I because you get so excited about what our family will become, how it operates and how you can lead. You would probably never do some of the things we do on our family fun days if it wasn’t with our family but you always are excited about it because it’s time with the family. Carter and his future brothers/sisters (nope, there’s none we know of now;)) are lucky that their dad wants a family like he’s building and leading.

This was one of Luke's Christmas pictures last year because he wanted to be a good dad and capture all of our family's moments.

8. Your romantic side. I know you’ll hate for me to say this but you are a hopeless romantic. Your love for candles at worship events is evidence of this. (haha!) You have come up with such clever ideas to make me feel loved and (I at least hope) they’re not about to end. You pursued me when I was 15 and eight years later we’re still going strong. Love that about you!

One day I came home from work and this is what I found. Yep, he's just like this.

9. Fix-it man. Not what most people think as fix it. No, you don’t fix things around the house or take pride in building decks. But, if there is something wrong in a situation or in our relationship or another friendship… once you know the solution you are ‘on it’ to fix it. I am blessed by your attitude about that. For example, this is a small instance but important none the less, a few weeks ago I had said that I wanted you to open my car door for me. Just the other day ( I had totally forgotten about this) and I was running to the car because I was cold. You beat me to the car but weren’t ‘trying to beat me,’ you were trying to open the door for me. Your mind is steadfast on fixing what’s wrong and doing better. That’s an admirable thing.

10. Humility. There are a lot of people who ‘know’ you. But, I KNOW you. I can honestly say that you are probably the most humble person I know. You are always the first to come to say sorry or ask forgiveness. You never want the credit for things that you do or say. You often put others before yourself and don’t think twice about it. This is evidence of Christ at work in you. Thanks for being humble.

I love you and need you. So thankful I get to be with the best man I know forever. You are my fave. Kg

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