Friday, October 2, 2009

September passed us by without a post?!

Ahh... I've come creeping back to blogger world with butterflies in my stomach because I haven't posted for over a month... embarrassing. I could plead with excuses that I don't have time, we were away for 8 days or that the blog world isn't that interesting. But all of the above excuses would be simply embarrassing. Call it a 'kick' or a new groove, but this is my latest campaign... No Excuses.

Why? Well, for the past two years Luke and I led EXTREMELY busy lives. But, wait a minute, so did all of you. But, that was my excuse for a lot of things, "we're busy." Lame, lame, lame, and yes, L-A-M-E again. So, what does this entail? Well a whole laundry list of course...

- first off, getting into God's Word everyday. You ask, you haven't done that?! (even though I taught at a Christian school and we work in the High school ministry). I'm ashamed to admit it but that is the truth. So, no excuses. I'm getting into God's Word Everyday. (more to come on what he's teaching me!!!)
- responding to phone calls and texts. if you know me at all I am terrible at returning phone calls, texts, facebook messages, etc. There are multiple reasons why, but yes, that is even over.
- the list goes on and I don't want to bore you but the campaign is up and going. I don't know that I will be posting everyday now but at least more :)
But, onto September. Fun month indeed.
Here's a little photo album to go along with the fun.

We took a family vacation to the wonderful land of ITALY and took our 7 month son. Call us crazy but looking back we can say we are glad we did it! (PS> this is the day after we arrived, yes we were VERY tired)

When we got home one notable achievement was Carter's new found sitting up by himself. If you notice in this picture his eyes are red. Yes, he cried most of the day we were home. Time changes + small children = large unhappiness

Apple-Picking. Yes, I convinced Luke that on Family Fun Day we should take Carter Apple Picking! Although we dressed terribly for the event it was still fun & we made lots and lots of stuff with apples to show for it! Yay for Johnny Appleseed.:)

Super-Couponing. Uh-huh. I'm involved. Not to say that I'm saving millions because this month I went over on my grocery budget. But, let's just say I'm on the learning curve. Last week this is how much I saved on my Grocery Bill & I'm proud of it. I tried taking 3 pics and they all came out blurry... here's the total saved... drum roll please:) $90.71, can I get a woot, woot?!

For mother's & father's day we decided to give my parents a photo gift... a photo op with our favorite photographer going (check her out at and I'll put up a picture when she posts them, can't wait to see them. Let me just preface this by getting three yougins to smile and look at a photographer should win you at least a small prize in my book!:)

The Harvest High School had it's kick-off on Sept. 13th. very exciting. We are in the middle of a series on our Faith called SIMPLE. I'm loving the high school pastor and how God is speaking through him, loving the girls in my small group, and loving all the leaders that are pouring into these students' lives.

I started a new study at the church on Wednesday mornings through Women's Ministry. It's called Entrusted with a Child's heart. I am loving my small group and it's always been a dream for me to be part of a study like this on a weekday morning. A small dream come true but a dream come true none the less!

Lastly, God has provided for us in order for me to stay home by allowing me to take care of my niece on tuesdays and thursdays and take her to preschool. I am loving the interactions of a 3 1/2 year old with the mixing up of last week, yesterday, and a couple of hours ago and she is a big help to me with Carter. We laugh, play memory, and I enjoy when they take long afternoon naps. Hey, let's be honest, who am I kidding?

Happy September, but most of all Happy October. More posts soon. What was your favorite September event in your family?!

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