Monday, August 24, 2009

A book I just finished...

Now that I've become a trader to the 'working woman' role, I actually have time to read. Yes, believe it or not, I'll say it again, I have time to read. I frequently thought Luke was 'nuts' for wanting to go to the Library in the past few years to pick out books, but now I absolutely adore it about him because I can enjoy it! Yes, we turn off the tv, head upstairs & turn on the lights on our nightstands to read before we go to bed. How romantic... or cheesy.

Also, as part of the stay at home mom crew I have watched a few shows... during nap time or a fussy moment (come on ladies you know what I mean;)) including Oprah. I'm not always a fan but this one show in particular caught my eye. It was for Mother's Day and it actually talked about moms who blog (slightly what inspired me to get on here!) and they make thousands of dollars doing it! Crazy, I know but reality still. Anyways, on this episode Oprah was having moms share their 'dirty little secrets.' This included two women who wrote the book 'I'd Trade My Husband for a Housekeeper: loving marriage after the baby carriage." I would NOT trade my husband for a housekeeper (that is if I had one), but the title interested me, so yes, on one of our library trips I checked it out.

Although it written from a worldly position I felt it may have some value as we are adjusting to this new life as parents, just two years into our marriage. So, aside from some profanities and the fact that they say that you aren't becoming one if you are married... straight lie. It does have some insight into putting your husband before your children and setting aside the expectations that so many moms have on themselves rather than the reality of what most moms are able to accomplish. I did find it beneficial. It also allowed me to use my Biblical Worldview (take that Judson & Cedarville;)) in order to assess the truth in the book versus the lies that the world tries to make you believe.

Looking back on the past six months as parents brings joy, tears, and excitement for the future. But, there were some days that were rough for Luke and I. We were reflecting about a month back of the season when I was teaching and Luke was working and we had Carter... we were silenced and tears came streaming down both of our faces. It was a season. A season we will never forget. A season we realized our love for one another. A season that we survived. A season that we are choosing to use as a reminder when we want little extras that aren't possible right now. A season that was necessary. Even today I woke up thinking that I was so thankful I didn't have to rush out the door and also thinking that in 5 years my little CJude will be walking into his kindergarten classroom. It goes too fast & if I can help it I am going to stay home.

Now, for those ladies who do work--- credit is due to you.
Recommendation: Maybe. If you have been in that season recently of having a baby it is a short read, it's funny. I wouldn't buy it but it's a fine library read. Does make you think...

It made me realize just how amazing my husband is & how thankful I am for him even over a housekeeper:)

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