Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkins.... pumpkins... read all about it!

Yes, family fun day* FFD contained some work (putting leaves into bags, I think we're up to 10 bags full.. boo! to mature trees, sorry Luke;)) but also much fun... so we shall begin with a photo journal entry.:) enjoy
Carter's job during the carving experiences was to eat lunch... and yes, this kid devours food. so he did Great!!!

Luke doesn't always do great with things that require small motor skills. I'm not being mean, my husband is undoubtfully awesome but not in pumpkin carving... he turned over a new leaf though... his turned out amazing!!

yes, you have to have a pic of the guts... i actually cooked the seeds this year... yummy.
this is me carving... can't you tell my amazing precision;) yeah, my pumpkin carving experience didn't go as well as Luke... the next picture is what it looked like pre-mega carving after using a stencil. bummer... you'll see it didn't quite turn out!!
Drum Roll Please.... Luke's is on the left, mine on the right. I'd like to think that my pumpkin's eyes are how my eyes look when I'm catching a gaze at luke... LOL... can't be that cheesy. but, it definitely conotates the boy vs. girl.

Happy Halloween, ya'll!

Lastly, we welcomed home Landon from Scotland! We're so glad he's home safe and sound!

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