Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oh Canada, eh!

For months the MacDonald family has been making plans for a reunion in order for everyone to see each other in the midst of busy lives. So, the four MacDonald brothers, their kids, and Nana & Papa came together for the weekend. Our family was able to stay with Nana & Papa to make the most of our visit & we were able to see Kathy's family too!

Carter & I have already had a handful of car trips because of some youth and family events but as he gets older it begins to get more difficult. I'll just be forward: the little boy can't just sleep. When looking at the overall picture he gets a 'gold star.' But at times I had to think of some of our 'bett
er days.' Needless to say, we survived.

On Friday, we had a bbq at Nora's and so you have to get a picture of Luke's cousin Ava (8 months) & Carter. We had them sitting on a chair and we are all clapping and snapping trying to get them to smile for the camera... um, yeah that's not what happened. It gets better, don't worry! Ava decides she's not going to smile but instead, hit Carter in the face. I sound like a terrible mother saying it was funny, but maybe you had to be there. He just sat there like an ant on a log. At least we got a laugh.

On Saturday the main event was the reunion and it was fun getting to introduce Carter to fellow MacDonalds. Later at night we watched some home video of when Luke and I were juniors in HS--- he invited me to a family wedding in Ottawa over New Years. Of course, I ventured up there with him and his uncle got me on tape. Wow, I appeared so ditzy & I was a sucker for lines... Luke called me 'an angel.' What a blast from the past. Love, love, love to laugh at fun memories such as this.

Sunday... harvest in london (amazing), harvey's for lunch (canada subway but for hamburgers), and 8 hours in the car. We arrived safe and sound all in one piece with a 6 month old. quite a feat.

glad we did it. love you nana.

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