Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Luke is a youth pastor; therefore, his job entitles us to a week with 200 high schoolers. Crazy, yes. Smelly, oh yes. Drama, guaranteed. But, the opportunity to see God work in these students' hearts was amazing. I will never believe the lie/myth that high schoolers can't do anything. Instead, I will forever believe that the next generation can rise up and change this world.

Many awesome things happened. Some of my favorites...

Well... we had the privilege of having our parents up at the house while I hung out with my girls. I got full nights of sleep and the grandmothers loved the fact that they woke up to my son crying, it must be a grandmother thing;)

Last year I was pregnant... so the zip line was majorly off limits. This year, I got to go full speed. My heart raced, but wow, pretty sweet to fly through the air, you should try it.

Many of the girls in my cabin made life changing decisions to remove sin in their life and to live for Christ.

Several leaders gave up a week of their life to serve God endlessly, awesome to watch.

Renee and I woke up a bunch of the girl cabins on Wednesday night with a stupid rhyme, in order for them to have a 'slip'n'slide' @ midnight with breakfast. Part of the hilarity was with our rhyme and antics and one of the freshman girls even tried to correct my grammar in it. Gotta love it. Needless to say, I partook in the slip and slide and absolutely, without a doubt loved it. Come on' enjoy the perks of being the youth pastor's wife:)

Take them to the mountain top, well almost. Luke had spoken out of the gospel of John all week and on Thursday night he told the students that every time in scripture when God speaks to someone at a mountain top, they are changed forever... never the same. So we... all 200+ of us trudged to the top of the tubing hill (yes, i almost needed an inhaler, not to be dramatic or anything:)) to hear the Word of God preached in Spirit and in Truth. Many students left that hill changed forever. awe inspiring, can't be described by anything but the Holy Spirit at work.

Friday night, the students were able to tell a testimony about the interruptions in their life that week. 2 hours+ later, many shed tears, the fruit of the week could not be denied. God worked and all the glory goes to him... NOT to us.

Last thought for tonight...
In October our church usually does a pastor's conference called Straight Up. This year it was at the Elgin Campus where I teach and so Luke and I were able to attend at least one of the night sessions together. If you've never been to the Elgin campus, it's huge and it has a (VERY confusing) parking garage inside. We were leaving with some friends after it at about 10 to grab a bite to eat and we ran into this older couple who looked like they were struggling on multiple levels... she had a heart condition, he was out of breath, and they had no idea where their car was. So, instead of making this poor lady pass out we offered to drive them around the garage to find the car. 15 minutes later, after searching the garage we found their car, but in the mean time we were able to talk about their ministry. He is a volunteer pastor at a small church in IL where his congregation is about 25, maybe a few more. He has not seen it grow in years. He works another job and the wife also works in the school system to support them but they feel called to serve God in this way. Luke and I were blown away... here we see these students, lives changed and these people haven't seen much of that at all. But... they are still faithful. What a great example to us.. regardless of the result we need to be faithful to what God calls us to.

I'm entering back into the blog world, let's do it. :)

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Linda said...

Love this, Kristen! Thanks so much for giving us an insider's glimpse of what God was up to at camp. It gives me great hope. Keep enjoying the adventure! Our God is merciful and mighty.