Tuesday, November 12, 2013

the day i {many days} thought may never come.

i remember it like yesterday, Carter was about 9 months old and i started getting 'baby fever.'  That little newborn & baby stage was so sweet and i had thought if i could do it with one why would adding another one be crazy?  So after a few months of waiting to get the mister on board too... well, we got pregnant.  If i remember correctly {did i mention post pregnancy x3 my memory fails me daily?} carter was just over a year old and before Christmas we would have another little one to call our own.  

low and behold we added another son to the mix.  i was excited to have two little boys to be brothers.  i had heard these stories that they could be best friends one day and that it would be so nice for them to have a playmate at home.  these two little men aren't even two years apart, it's something like twenty months.  that's close.  what you don't realize when you catch that 'baby fever' is that your apparent pre-baby sanity has flown out the window. {as they say in the movies, 'its gone...'}  because now you not only have one baby but two babies.  that neeeeeeeed you.  they need you to get dressed, to change their diapers, to feed them, to clean up after them, to put them to bed, to bathe them, to play with them, to keep them on a schedule, to....  it's a beautiful life {truly, no sarcasm intended} but no wonder my cleanliness and sleep and memory have flown out the window.  

fast forward to ages two and three.  the boys begin to like each other.  they play alongside each other and can watch movies together {just keep popcorn close at hand for the two year old} and the two year old thinks that the three year old hung the moon, not only because the three year old told him he did but because no one can be as cool as his older brother.  not only that but he can go from hugging his older brother in the same minute to whacking him and spitting in his face.  ladies and gentlemen, i have seen it done.  and at that moment i constantly wondered where is that sweet friendship i had been told about that would be so great and fantastic??? yep not totally seeing it....  

well, the chapter now we are currently in is the chapter where the older one is almost five and the younger one is almost three.  yep, folks it's beginning to happen.  A few short weeks ago my oldest had been at Awana and although my second born had been put to bed he was still awake waiting to say goodnight to his older brother.  He called him into his room and the oldest gave him a hug and a sweet pat on his back followed by, 'hey buddy, how ya doin'?' it was too sweet for words.  and then there was yesterday. {long sighhhhhhhhh} my boys and i stayed in our jammies til noonish; please don't judge, i was already doing enough laundry and it seemed crazy to dirty more clothes before noon if we didn't have to.

call me crazy, that was my logic.  

anyways back to it... my boys played so well together.  there were still a few tears and maybe a bout or two of hitting but they played right with each other 'packing for vacations and setting up a fort, and playing with cars.'  folks, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls... i have been waiting for this day for years.  yesterday by noon i was in disbelief that it even happened.  and today as i recall it i am praising God that i have seen it with my own two eyes. it IS possible. my heart is happy. 

moms of young ones,{i'm speaking to myself too} it's all worth it... the teaching, the disciplining, the playing cars thinking they could care less, the reading books or giving ideas of what they could do together, the family bonding that brings them closer together... it's all worth it.  these sweet little people God has given you are learning and growing and they will love their brothers even though today it seems like they fight about everything.  today it may not seem possible, but it will be.  keep on and love them and teach them how to love one another.  they won't do it perfectly but neither will you.  they will keep watching and one day you will get an ounce of heaven of your work 'paying off' when they play together.  and you can just smile and tear up knowing that you won't soon forget the hard days but the hard days make the good days that much sweeter.

signed hoping this will encourage a momma of young ones, 

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