Monday, August 13, 2012

monday morning commentary.

high school group is back!  & tonight i remembered why i've missed it. 

love the students.  love the leaders.  love the worship and time in the Word.  it's like no other part of my week. 

insert: sigh of glorious happiness.  

tonight Luke started a sermon series called GO5PEL.

4 things about what God DID.

God created.  {genesis 1:1} 
God made all things out of nothing.  God exists outside of time.  that's truly amazing when you think about it.

God created mankind. {genesis 1:26-29}
so... God created lots of stuff but there was one thing that He made after His image ----> mankind.
being created in God's image means that God created us with some of His characteristics {i.e. soul, ability to reason}

God created mankind very good. {genesis 1:31}
He created us in all shapes, sizes, iq's, people who've done amazing things, & people who really haven't done much with their life....

and God is thrilled with what he put inside each person.
in our insecurity, it's easy to wish you/I had something that someone else has....

God created mankind very good & unashamed. {genesis 2:24-25}
inside (because of sin) we are all so darn insecure & nervous.  but before sin (Genesis 1 & 2), God created the world that we were with Him & we weren't worried about what anyone else thought. (or i guess adam & eve at least)

today, we are ravaged by fear, insecurity & comparison {among other things}

so... those 4 things about God should produce... these things in us:
  • we should realize it's all about God and stop being so absorbed with ourselves.
  • should produce a desire for us to have what Adam had.
  • it should produce a desire within us to worship God for who He is, what He's done, & how awesome He created things.  
all i can think to say now is thank you God, you are the only thing that is AWESOME,

'what you think about God is the thing that matters the most about you.' -a.w. tozer

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