Wednesday, May 2, 2012

my yesterday.

yesterday was too funny not to share and by funny i mean an awful, terrible, no good, very bad day. 

i woke up not knowing but it was all in full throttle by 9:30 a.m.

So from the moment he woke up my 2nd born was whiny... like can't go about doing anything without being right next to mommy.  He willingly ate breakfast.. bananas and some pretzels he found later and begged for and so nothing seemed amiss.  I made breakfast bread for the next morning because I was supposed to have play date and of course I would make breakfast bread... i'm a mom hero... not.  lol, please laugh this is about to get really funny.

so then we (my kids and i) proceeded upstairs for mommy to take a shower. Reid sat happily on my bed while I did that but when i got out of the shower he would have none of that... just crying, crying crying.  So finally i lost it... clearly not a mom hero.... and i was telling him that he couldn't keep crying there was nothing to cry about ... yada yada.... he lost it, yes... loose it meaning crying and loosing his cookies- yep, on my bed, his clothes... yes gross.

i moved him to his changing table only for it to happen again. yuck.

I get help once a week from my mil so that i can run errands and this happened to be the day and we were out of EVERYTHING so i desperately needed to get to the store especially for a few ingredients for a meal i needed to make for someone that night...  

she gladly agreed to come to my house for an hour...i just about was in tears by the time she got there with nasty puke on my pants and mind you my teeth weren't brushed because... puker, the 2nd born had found my toothbrush and hid it somewhere... i was totally winning.... {pure sarcasm}

then enter walmart... i have one hour to get a list of a million items.  ready, set, go!  As I am about done and on my way to the cashier I see a person from church.  This guy is on his phone so i say hello and he acknowledges but he keeps going to where he is going, i go to cashier.  she rings everything up in record slow speed and then i hand over the coupons... add 5 more minutes.  then as i am leaving the cashier i see that the guy from the church is standing there to talk to me.  let me remind you: my teeth aren't brushed, i have puke pants on, and i have about 4 minutes left to get home.  yahhhhh!!!!

It was raining so he walks me to my car (this isn't weird, he's a nice guy in our church that luke and I both know and there was no, let me repeat no weirdness about this... just a bit awkward since it's your personal groceries... thank the Lord there was nothing personal in with his umbrella and then proceeds to help me put my groceries in my car... actually a kind grace from God at that point in my day.

I had about 5 minutes to spare to get home.  Kids were sleeping.  Ahh i could breathe.  I made the meal in silence and even though my first born woke up in the process he was quite a champ.  I get everything in the car to drop the meal off where i needed to and at the last minute i put #2 in the car and halfway in our 7 minute car drive I see in my rear-view mirror him puking all over himself and on his seat. 

It's hard as a mom because as much as you feel bad for them, you feel bad for yourself at the same time because you have to clean up the puke.  

The rest of the night I was home catching up on laundry... as you may have guessed among other things and i gave myself a pity party and i put the hero mom breakfast bread in the freezer because the play date was of course cancelled.

some days are awful, terrible, no good, very bad days.  the next day you can laugh at the funny things about them.  that's why i could write this today.
be not discouraged moms... you're not alone.
i'm right here too, with puke on my pants, unbrushed teeth, and sick children...
we can make it through:)

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The Coppels said...

Exactly how I felt the day my little man decided to recycle his dinner...

Unfortunately, that doesn't compare to the mess I walked in to about a week after, which I also had to video. My options were either video it so I could show it to my husband and laugh, or stand there and cry... Better to laugh!

~ brielle