Thursday, March 15, 2012

i'm convinced laughing IS really good medicine.

i wish you could have seen my life in the past few days.

you would laugh along with me...

like when an animal which i thought was a fox and was actually a dog was trying to jump into my yard over my 6 ft fence.... yep that one was funny.

when i walked to the post office with my kids with only cash to buy some stamps and the only person working- their register broke so after i had been given several dirty looks because of my loud, screaming children i had to leave because there was only a bit of a chance that we was going to get his register working by 5 o'clock. did i mention it was hot in there and that i left with no stamps and a man at the door saying ... good luck with those kids of yours....

or when i was trying to go to baker's square last night with a friend and when we pulled up it was 'free pie slice night' so it was jammed. i'm sorry but baker's square and 'being jammed' i feel like should be an oxymoron in the same sentence.

the beautiful weather has made all of these scenarios a bit better because how can you stay upset when it's amazing outside?

but really i have had to laugh when i've wanted to cry and just shake my head and say 'seriously?' this must be a joke... like when is the guy with the candid camera gonna jump out and say... surprise?!

because when i really think about all of these things... among others... really... they are SMALL things. there's too much stuff to stress about in life and laughing these off just feels that much better.

keeping perspective,

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