Tuesday, December 20, 2011

random 'merryness' of christmas


i've been snapping a lot of pictures lately.

most of them of these two crazy boys of mine.

like here... we have before and after shots of their most recent do's.

low and behold my second born decided to sit calmly without tears for his first hair cut. {didn't think that was possible} I am so happy that is possible for a child. that makes me think this kid is going to be a keeper... wink.
and if you wondered about the firstborn... well, after many cuts of his coarse hair i think we've done well with bribery and many less tears than the first time around. Progress is good... said a wise woman:)

and then there was the princess party for my niece. i dressed like a princess.... who says 'no' to wearing their wedding tiara again? {not me}

and then there was the beginning of the sugar cookie tradition my mom always did with us that i decided to pass on to carter... so fun and so exciting that i can finally do this and will be doing this for years to come... eeekkk!

and while the cookies were cooling we took them to a park near where we lived when we were newlyweds! it wasn't too cold so the boys had fun running around and well, it was entertaining watching carter try to climb on the forbidden carousel 'to ride the horses..'

did i mention icing the sugar cookies... ice a cookie, eat a cookie, spill all the sprinkles... and repeat;)

oh and this was lunch one day last week. is he a heartbreaker or what?!

now get ready for a laugh... this was in effort to get a photo of their christmas wear to church on saturday... last year carter was crying... this year it is reid... funny nonetheless.

at least he's cute when he cries.:)

oh and then our 'ice skating with santa' family fun day' - mainly luke would say pushing carter's full body weight on ice. {maybe next year}
this santa was free to get a picture with... imagine that;)

and then today... i got to go to the american girl place with my niece... to pick out first a sold out doll and then Ivy. we had an overpriced breakfast, tears over the sold out doll, and lots of giggles. it was precious.

and then we opened our first christmas gift tonight... we do this every year and it was new pj's. i opted against christmas jammies and got well.... it all started when i found buzz lightyear jammies ---> the rest is history. they were pretty psyched and then tears ensued following the realization that christmas isn't tomorrow. {mommy fail.}
oh well. they look cute and i now know that carter is going to be so glad when it's christmas. {insert fact: as if i already didn't know that}

our weeks have been full and a cold has been kicking my butt and i've been thinking on the message we heard this weekend... the important christmas to-do list. take a listen if you haven't already.:)

hope it's a merry week for you... i'm sure you'll hear from me again...

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Renee Cook said...

omg. i love when you post pics! the boys are adorable. crying and all :) tell carter there are 3 more days until christmas (6 for him since it's a new day when he wakes up from naps!!)