Monday, December 12, 2011

monday morning commentary {on steroids}

Luke preached this weekend in BIG church. he prepped all week and we prayed for him all week and it was a message so applicable for the holidays. it wasn't some 'warm and fuzzy' love those who are hard to love messages....

it was this message that he preached in high school ministry a few months ago about Abraham's life and how he was an amazing example of godliness in relationships.

there's a relationship i'm in right now that i'm finding myself needing to 'yield my rights' in. My sinful nature has listed the reasons a million times of why i have the 'right' to be frustrated but Luke reminded me through this message that God had the right to give us what we deserved and he yielded that right when he sent Jesus to pay for all our sin... knowing that we would fail him and be unfaithful to him he STILL SENT JESUS. wow.

yielded rights. that's my conviction. what was yours?!

moving on to high school ministry... Luke preached for the fourth time this weekend. FOUR TIMES! this man amazes me. so so proud of him.

he preached from Isaiah 9:6 and how God provides all our needs. He brought up the point about how things aren't always the way they seem... like people could put up a really good front that they live a perfect life but if you lived in their home it could be a completely different story. But Jesus isn't like that... everything, let me repeat... EVERYTHING he says he is ... he is!

and Because of who He is I have hope.
Wonderful Counselor: intellectual hope: the Bible is the most scrutinized book & it's never been proved wrong.

Everlasting Father: physical need: many people sadly have a screwed up view of what a relationship with a father is but he is the sovereign... always in charge amazing picture of a father.

Prince of Peace: fills every emotional need: HE WON'T LET YOU DOWN! i loved the way he described peace: simplicity- perfectly content.

Mighty God: fufills every spiritual need: everyone has this desire in their life for something to fill it. we all fill it with endless idols that cease to satisfy... until we fill it with a relationship with Jesus Christ we aren't satisfied. And even after accepting Jesus Christ sometimes we let him get crowded out by idols that are stupid now and stupid before. God fills that need... alone.

Christmastime is simply about the fact that Jesus came- to fill every need so that you and i and everyone can have hope.

so blessed after this weekend.
God is Awesome!
Convicted and Challenged,

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