Monday, October 3, 2011


luke knows i love traditions.
so as carter grows up we're beginning to have things that we've done as a family more than once.
i'm jazzed {trying to use more adjectives than just excited} about it. EEEKKK!
and today luke was like, 'kg, we're like doing traditions.' {silence for a happy moment} :)

for family fun day this week, we went to the choo choo cafe.
we went once before, but carter was young and well, he didn't totally communicate that he knew what was going on.
but this time..... he LOVED it.
clean plate club.

double high chair so he could sit at the counter.

look at that amazing vintage milk shake machine.

after tantrum tears are quickly dissipated once on daddy's shoulders.
snuggles with reid.

although some days it seems that fairy princesses, dressing a little girl, and playing with barbies would be so much fun....
after going to the choo choo cafe it makes me all the more excited that i have boys.

cheers to the choo choo,

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