Monday, September 26, 2011

monday night commentary

today got away from me but i didn't want to forget to post my brother [in law]'s sermon notes because it was super convicting and it highlighted another one of our core values.

let me introduce you... this is my brother [in law] landon:)

he has this cool blog and he shares this one with my husband and he makes this cool music.:) he's sooo cool:)

his message had four simple points about the core value of generosity.

what do I deserve? nothing.
what do I have? something.
what should i give? my best.
we should give in response to how great God is.

it all came out of 1 chronicles 29.

the sentence i loved best from his talk was,'don't give to be seen. don't give to feel good about yourself. give because you love God.'

i'd like to grow in my generosity and the motives in my heart dealing with generosity. how about you?

i'd also like to introduce you to another one of my favorite people and one of our great leaders... her name is ashley and she is also one of our talented artists.

she made these amazing paintings for our core values...
check them out!!!

have an expectant, intentional, loyal, brave, fresh & generous day for the Lord,

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