Monday, August 22, 2011

monday afternoon commentary.


that's the word that luke preached about last night. it's the first of the six core values of
harvest students.

He spoke from Mark 11.
And he brought about three questions we should ask ourselves...

1. is my sin bigger than my faith?

2. is my doubt bigger than my faith?

3. is my 'list' bigger than my faith?
[my 'list' being the things that i want and ask for selfishly]

i think his most powerful point was when he said when we pray for something, we pray but don't pray with expectancy because of the terrifying fear of rejection, because we want to do everything ourselves, and because we know that the things that we are asking God for are kind of dumb. But, what if, just what if we lived out a faith that leans out without a back-up plan.

i think we'd see some miracles....
i know at our house, we're praying more expectantly... will you?


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