Monday, April 25, 2011

reshaping it all...

a few years ago our church brought Candace Cameron Bure [fellow Full House star] in to share her testimony for the Christmas women's event. Her story and persona was capivating... she was poised, polished, and shared her story of God's transformation in her life with power.

once i became part of the twitter world i decided to follow her & heard about a book that she had wrote... a motivation for physical and spiritual fitness... yet again intrigued.

so, i bought it. and read it. and the verdict is in... i thought it was pretty good. She was a good writer and weaves her personal stories as well as scripture through her journey of getting she and her family on board of a healthy lifestyle... here's the big trick: she works out and eats healthy... imagine that! but i like that she doesn't have some big secret pill that made it work or some special formula... when you put in the time and eat right you can live healthy.

i'm always on the hunt for great new recipes to try with my growing & hungry boys so i loved that she shared her favorite healthy recipes in the book. Overall I'd recommend it if you want a quick, inspirational read:)

happy reading:)

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