Thursday, April 14, 2011

a million miles in a thousand years.

by donald miller... was the latest book i read from my ny resolutions list & i have to say i unfortunately was not too impressed. considering i drove what seemed like a million miles in two days i thought we could relate at least a little bit but instead i found myself in a rollercoaster of emotions about the book... one day i liked it and thought it was getting good and the next day i was trying to part with it forever... pledging i would no longer waste my time....

but, i knew i had to push through, so i did. i hate not finishing things, so i made myself... i'm glad i did because of that simple principle but the 'hoping that the end would make it worth it' wasn't the case.

in college, when i had loads of free time [and needless to say i thought i was so incredibly busy, insert: LAUGH OUT LOUD here] i read Blue Like Jazz and still vividly remember stories from it. I like his style of writing but in the stage of life that i currently find myself, time to read is a precious commodity and I didn't find this book as worthy of that time.

unfortunate, yes. but, none the less glad i read this one story. it's about Bob Goff and his family... pgs. 161-168. he made school come to life for his kids and for that i think he is amazing.

did you read this? thoughts? or what book were you just reading that WAS worth your time?

keeping on,

p.s. don't worry, i'm reading a few other books right now and i have some other really great reviews coming:)

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