Tuesday, January 25, 2011

family & balance. should that be an oxymoron?

finding balance is difficult. if it wasn't more people would have it, right?

last monday, i lost complete balance of what was important to me... i said out loud that i felt like 'i was running a race against myself.' that stunk & made me never want to get to that place again.

in luke's ministry position we have one day as a family. there are great things about his job (this is what we choose to focus on) and one of them is that he has a day off that most dads don't have. while most families have to do 'family stuff' on the weekends we get to go on mondays & rarely worry about crowds (except for days off school) and usually that means that things are cheaper... for a frugal gal like me, it's a double bonus..!

but in this season of life i found myself piling everything i didn't know when else to get done (kind of like an extra bedroom where you pile everything you don't know where to put) on mondays... dr. appointments, bringing meals to people, running errands, grocery shopping, you name it and i was doing it. none of these things being evil... but it was taking away time with the people i love the most.

so, i'm getting refocused and clearing mondays free of anything & everything. not because i have to but because it's what's best for our family & because it will put my priorities in the right order. it's like spring cleaning but instead of the house it's a day of my week.

are you doing good with balance, or what is it that you need to 'spring clean?'


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