Wednesday, November 3, 2010

thankful day 3.

verizon is very happy with me these days. i went over on my minutes this month so i owe them $50 in addition to my already substantial phone bill. and then i just upped my minutes so that i don't go over again so my bill will be $20 more than it used to be. but, i am choosing to look at this through the 'thankful' telescope....

i am thankful i have people to call.

i love to talk but a year ago i didn't have the same problem, in fact i don't think i've ever gone over my minutes. i honestly think i have a fear of not being able to get of the phone with people... let's just say what we need to say and then talk in person. one of my new year's resolution was to get better at communication... email, calling people back, etc. i'd say i've come along way... my verizon bill to prove it. sometimes it's the phone call that adds the touch... it goes a bit longer of the way than a text or an email... kind of like a piece of snail mail.

there was no greater joy on monday than to be able to call, text, and email loved ones and tell them our great news. so, yes verizon keep on loving me... in the mean time... i'll take full advantage of my new minutes.

thankfully chatty,

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