Wednesday, October 27, 2010

links of the week

the blog life has been suffering due to my due date quickly approaching.... however, i think there may be a few in the line up before our little one arrives... stay tuned. sometimes the to-do list and the hours in a day don't line up adequately.

but... i am still trying to keep up with reading my blogs... on that note---->

--> some great thoughts about marriage.

--> who didn't love going to a birthday party when they were little and do the mummy game where you are covered in toilet paper... or was that just me?! ;) this is a party idea i think is stellar. you should do it this weekend.... 'be mummified.'

--> who doesn't love a good recipe. i'd guess this is delicious.

--> a song that's on @lukemacdonald's fall mix that i can't get enough of. have a listen.

by the way... i hear my man & his bro are beginning to blog... i'll keep you posted.:)maybe the spousal pressure worked! wink.

happy wednesday,

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